While you're getting prepped for the Rug Lane Vintage and Secondhand Clothing Markets this Saturday, here's a list of some other great sustainable and ethical brands and initiatives both in Hong Kong and elsewhere, to get on board with.



Where: Hong Kong

What: Founded in 2007, Redress is an NGO promoting environmental sustainability in the fashion industry by reducing textile waste, pollution, water and energy consumption. The women at Redress educate and nurture emerging designer, inspire and inform fashion consumers and provide a platform for industry collaboration to create a more sustainable future for fashion through engagement programmes. You can get involved by donating or through their consumer events, all found on their website.

EcoChic Design Awards

Where: Hong Kong

What: A sustainable fashion design competition organised by Redress, inspiring emerging fashion designers and students to create mainstream clothing with minimal textile waste. Each competition cycle takes designers on an education and design journey lasting several months. The 2015/16 cycle expanded the competition to cover all countries in Asia and Europe.

YOOX Y.E.S Awards

Where: Hong Kong

What: The Y.E.S (Yoox Estethica Sustainability) awards is a competition for young eco-fashion talents presented by, an online lifestyle store for fashion, design and art, in collaboration with Estethica, an international platform that promotes sustainability in the fashion industry. Last year style blogger Susie Bubble hosted the awards and local designer FFIXXED STUDIOS took out the top prize. Throughout the competition there are always a number events for audiences to get involved with. Keep an eye out for their next cycle soon.



A Boy Named Sue

Where: Online Shopping

Price Range: $$

Local company A Boy Named Sue started with a mutual desire to find sustainable clothing and have built their brand around the sustainability triangle focusing on Eco, Social and Local products. They only stock from Eco-conscious designers who promote environmental stewardship through careful analysis of their production chains, choice of materials, reduction in energy input and closed loop waste disposal, to reduce their ecological footprint. They choose brands that have a people-driven cause and they collaborate with local independent designers, in Hong Kong; to support creativity, while encouraging the use eco-friendly practices and sustainable materials.


People Tree

Where: Online Shopping (UK Based)

Price Range: $$

Pioneers in the Sustainable fashion movement, People Tree have been around for 25 years, partnering with Fair Trade producers, garment workers, artisans and farmers in the developing world to produce ethical and eco fashion collections. Fair Trade is about creating a new way of doing business; creating access to markets and opportunities for people who live in the developing world.


ASOS Eco Edit and Asos Africa

Where: Online Shopping

Price Range: $$

ASOS may be a fast fashion power house but if you dig deep enough through the pages and pages of clothes online you will find they actually have their own green brand, appropriately named ASOS Eco Edit, which houses ethical conscious brands and sells handcrafted jewellery and upscaled vintage. ASOS Africa is another initiative of the brand, where they collaborate with different designers to produce and sell fair trade products. This year ASOS collaborated with Christine Mhando and her label Chichia, specialising in print – heavily influenced by both her African roots and London upbringing. Every item has been produced by the clothing manufacturer SOKO in Kenya, supporting the community using local craftsmanship.


H&M Conscious

Where: In Store and Online

Price Range: $

H&M are strong advocates for sustainable fashion. They launched their H&M Conscious range in 2011 as a collection comprising of high-end environmentally friendly pieces, aiming to move H&M’s fashion and sustainability development towards a more sustainable fashion future. They have now extended their Conscious collection to include products from their beauty range as well which we are loving. H&M also run a recycle scheme which encourages shoppers to donate clothing of any brand or condition through their collection boxes in store. Since starting the initiative in 2013 they have collected more than 32,000 tonnes of garment to give a new life to.


Angus Tsui (Hong Kong)

Where: Various Stockists (more info here)

Price Range: $$

ANGUS TSUI is a fashion label with a mission to promote and advocate environmental sustainability in the fashion industry while providing edgy styles and unique aesthetics. Tsui has won a number of awards for his work including the ECOChic Design Award in 2015 and has stated that he believes ”Sustainability must be incorporated into the whole supply chain, from design to sourcing, manufacturing, retailing, and even to promotion and after-sales services.” Apart from being a designer, Tsui establishes a project named "ANCARES" which coordinates workshops, seminars, and exhibitions on sustainability with NGOs like Redress, St. James Settlement and Friends of the Earth. He has also collaborated with companies like H&M and Ford to create up-cycled accessories by using different sustainable materials.


Janko Lam

Where: Classic ANEW, PMQ Aberdeen Street Central

Price Range: $$

Local Designer Janko Lam won the the Redress’ annual EcoChic Design Awards in 2011. She wholeheartedly supports the up-cycle movement and through her designs she aims to emphasise the link between the fashion industry and the end consumer. Working with recycled fabrics, Lam creates modern interpretations of traditional Chinese clothing.


Adidas x Parley

Where: In stores and online here

Price Range: $220 usd

This month sneaker giants Adidas released their first batch of running shoes under their collaboration with environmental initiative Parley for the Oceans. Designed by London-based Alexander Taylor, the shoes are made using Adidas' existing footwear manufacturing processes but the usual synthetic fibres are replaced with yarns made from the recycled Parley Ocean Plastic. The upper is made of 95% ocean plastic — scooped up near the Maldives — and the rest of the shoe is made from largely recycled materials as well. The trainers were initially launched in June as a limited edition of 50 pairs to be earned rather than purchased. As of mid-November however they will be in store and online, to be sold around $220USD. There are only 7,000 pairs so get in quick!

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