Unlike all those Game of Thrones characters who live in fear of winter, us Hong Kongers have the yearly summer dread.

By the end of winter we always look forward to some heat but we seem to forget that feeling as soon as the season changes (without any warning I'll add) and then it’s this mad scramble to compose ourselves as the sweat kicks in. It’s the mad dash to swap the ‘winter wardrobe’ over with that summer one you stored under you bed because of obvious lack of storage (NB. if any of you reading this have a kick ass built in wardrobe - I am one jealous gal over here)

Living in Hong Kong it’s about finding that balance between style, comfort and untimely weather. When it’s 35 degrees and nearly 100% humidity I just could not be f’d putting on a really nice dress and strutting down the street when I know the minute I step outside I’m going to be sweating into the back of it. Likewise, the fact the island is 97% on an incline (may be slight exaggeration but whatever), strappy summer heels just aren’t an option.

So here dear friends are some tips I’ve learnt on surviving the heat:

1. First things first

get over the fact you’re hot. Everyone is hot and sweaty AF. You’ve got to just own it. One tip to cooling down - embrace the Japanese custom of the sweat towel (see exhibit A here).

2. Invest

in some stylish but comfortable walking shoes you can wear casually around town as well as out to those long lunches or dinner. Some sneaker inspiration for you here.

3. Flowy dresses

However much I’d love to rock my mom jeans that are so damn comfy, I tend to think the fool proof heat options for day attire are flowy dresses that avoid clinging to the body. Picture middle aged women in moomoos / Camilla kaftans (#camillaloversatzsizzler) and embrace it.

4. White jeans

I showed up to a dinner one summer in a short skirt, #legsweat dripping down the back of my legs, only to find my friend looking oh so chic in her white jeans. I was shocked she’d opted for the long leg option but couldn’t help but think they looked so summery and crisp. The trick she said, is they aren’t all that hot - get a light fabric and they keep the sweat from dripping. They catch it all and no one would ever know (#stayinalive).

5. First/last resort

Forget what those memes joke about wearing your active wear- they haven’t lived through this sweat fest. It’s perfectly ok to choose to roll around town in those yoga pants I say. Add some sunnies, a hat for sun safety and even if you haven’t ‘technically’ hiked that day - the urban hike is a thing. (Urban Hike (C) Rug Lane - read future post on the rules and regulations of the urban hike phenomenon taking HK by storm).

6. Finally - fixing the face and THAT hair.

Yes we all struggle with it - the shiny face and the frizzy humid hair do. Taking advice from someone who just decided to re-cut a fringe on the verge of summer may not be the wisest choice but I do know about some beauty products to keep the face and hair under control. For base make up try Benefit's POREfessional Face Primer and add their Agent Zero Shine Powder to the handbag - the ultimate summer nifty tool with built in brush. Tame that frizz with Bumble and Bumble's Hairdresser's Invisible Hair Oil or if all else fails you can shave it all off and tell everyone you're prepping for your #spiritualawakening / #wanderlust in an ashram in India.

Any more tips? Join the conversation below.