This month we reached out to Frédéric Bussière to share his captured journey to Mongolia in our 'Through the Lens’ series.

Fred, a Visual Artist, Art director, Scenographer and Film director based in Hong Kong, with a vast international background in Fine Arts and Fashion is not one to shy away from a challenge. This summer with his friend David, he travelled to Mongolia for a nomad adventure and here Fred documents the highlights that stuck in his mind ‘Through the Lens’ for Rug Lane.

This summer, after reading a great French novel about Mongolia, I decided to book a ticket and go on an adventure to the mysterious country. With fresh eyes and an innocent mind, I was interested to find out what is what like for myself and to form my own opinions. Like everyone’s preconceived thoughts, I already knew about the green stretches of grass that seemed to roll out further than the horizon, the yurts and the nomads. But to my surprise when I arrived I was amazed to also discover that there was a lot of “soviet” influence. Especially the use of the Cyrillic alphabet and the architecture that was so bold, squarish, grey and powerful. My selection of images went in that direction: which you can see from the assortment of pictures of the buildings of Mongolia, which are actually quite rare. As the country is mostly uninhabited vast emptiness. There is nothing for miles, simply grass, and a few animals. So, when you come across a building the architecture stands out and its strong and communist structure creates an oxymoron feel, with the flat and peaceful surroundings.

You can find more of Fred’s work here:

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