New Year's Eve - one brilliant marketing idea. No really, when is there another time when billions of people around the world all celebrate the same basic non-religious idea on the same night? Whoever came up with the celebration concept was a genius.

The party of the year for some or just another night for others. Whether you’re a hard out party animal who loves it, or you’ve been burned by too many bad new years in a row - stuck waiting in lines for bars as the countdown begins, running out of alcohol too early or having awkward run ins with people you’d rather not, NYE this year is undoubtedly a great excuse to bid farewell to 2016.

Join us as we go through the seven stages of a NYE, from anticipation of the year ahead to heartbreak and that 4am kebab, a bunch of songs that sum up how the last night of the year might pan out.

Stage 1: The Anticipation

Song: Waiting for Tonight - JLO

What better song to get ready to than a classic by the queen of New Year's herself. I don’t know about you, but as a 10 year old I wished one day when I was older I’d go to an NYE party just like hers in a remote island location surrounded by attractive people with champagne flowing… needless to say that wish still hasn't come true... a girl can dream though right?

Stage 2. Resolutions

Song: New Year’s Resolution - Otis Reading

There’s always that point in the night when you're at the end of a conversation with someone. You've run out of stuff to talk about so they drop the “What are your New Year’s resolution?” line. Rather than saying “Oh I’m not the person who makes resolutions… I just take life as it comes” come up with something this year no one will expect.

Stage 3: The Ride

Song: One Dance- Drake

Whether Uber-ing or taxi-ing to the party, there is always that transport point in the night when someone’s asking the driver to turn the music up a little to get the party started. “Can I put my iphone on? Or can we change stations?” Or in HK it simply translates to “Please can you turn the chinese opera songs down… excuse me…sir... oh never mind”.

Stage 4: The Countdown

Song: Sandstorm - Darude

You’ve arrived, you’re on the Dfloor and the music is pumping. People are filtering in, the DJ found the on button for the mic and the countdown is kicking. No one knew who this guy was, no one ever heard from him again but Darude made the NYE anthem of all anthems that will forever and a day be the countdown song of choice.

Stage 5: Sloppy Joe’s

Song: Sorry Justin Bieber

I never thought I would endorse Justin Bieber...ever... however in light of the year we have had, I think this song is appropriately titled for a NYE bash. The time in the night when everyone is getting getting soppy and telling everyone they love them all. That time when everyone is everyone’s best friends and they’re sorry for something they did 7 months earlier. A sore topic for the Americans and British but I think this song really hones in what many people think about 2016- is it too late now to say sorry?

Stage 6. Grief

Song: Anthony and The Johnsons- Hope There’s Someone

Ok a bit of a downer but this is for those whom which reality has probably kicked in a little early. You’re sitting in that anticipation sweat for the credit card bill you’ll get soon after your month of parties, dinners, presents and all food you could possibly buy. You’re left high and dry by someone who was supposed to be your New Year's kiss and you’ve lost your friends and your phone. Maybe in 2017 someone will be there for you or maybe you’re just walking home alone because the odds of finding a cab at this time of the night is on par with your chances of meeting the Queen.

Stage 7: Morning Light

Song: New Year’s Day by U2

You’ve made it to 2017. Welcome.

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