"The experience of pleasure is mild or deep, sometimes temporal,

sometimes a sort of low grade lasting, usually a motivator"

- Leslie Feist

She's back baby! It's been over 6 years since Feist's 2011 release Metals and we're excited to see what she's been cooking up. Her forthcoming fifth album Pleasure - announced by the release of her new song with the same title - is sounding more Metals than The Reminder. Expect the sensuality and blues guitar rock she does so well with a 6 year itch and a hint of Jarvis Cocker thrown in.

It was announced today that the album is due to officially drop on April 28 but you can register a pre-release party here at your most ideal listening location for a chance to win a special release vinyl test press.

She made it clear years ago she didn't want to just be the '1234 girl' and if you've ever seen her rock out live, oozing talent out all her long limbs you'll understand the appreciation we have for her. Keep your ears out!

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