This February we're learning all about the subtle art of not giving a F!

Self help books, let's just say they're not really my forte. Not because I don't want to work on improving things about myself, but because I just find a lot of them are a bit stale and out of touch.

I got given this book as a birthday gift from a best sellers list and what drew me immediately was the bright orange cover and title - something not so subtle at all. Walking past a book store you're sure to spot it standing out immediately. As I've delved into the 200 odd page book by Mark Manson on how to not give a f*ck, I've picked up gentle reminders on stopping to think about all the f*cks I do actually give in my life.

It certainly wasn't ground breaking from my part, but that's not to say I didn't find it incredibly insightful. I greatly appreciated the process it encourages to take a step back and analyse some attributes and actions in one's life. It's a reminder to check in with yourself every so often and think about the energy you give out and where you place it. With great real life examples (not all made up scenarios), Manson is able to connect with the reader and give some real insight into changing aspects of our thinking to suit how we want to live, or morbidly put, what we don't want to regret when we die. 3.5 thumbs up!