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FANZINE #002: LOVED CLOTHES LAST By Fashion Revolution

This month I've been reading the second issue of the bi-annual Fashion Revolution fanzine, Loved Clothes Last. Inspired by my good fashion resolutions for 2018, I took it upon myself to source out some further inspirational reading material on top of Dress [with] Sense (last month's book of the month). By exploring the issue of waste and mass-consumption in the fashion industry, Loved Clothes Last hopes to inspire it's readers to buy less, care more, and know how to make the clothes you love last for longer.

This time around the fanzine is a vast double-edition issue, which consists of 124 pages of poetry, illustration, photography, infographics, and crammed full of articles, tips and interviews with leaders in the sustainable fashion movement and innovators in textile recycling. The fanzine has over 80 contributors, including artists Tyler Spangler, Ged Palmer, William Farr, poet Hollie McNish, and illustrators Rob Phillips, Stephen Doherty, Rozalina Burkova and Celeste Mountjoy. It also features experts such as Rebecca Earley, Elizabeth E. Cline, Kate Fletcher, Lewis Perkins, Greenpeace and Cyndi Rhoades, and our previous City Slicker Christina Dean, Plus, many submissions from the Fashion Revolution community around the world. It's printed on beautifully recycled paper (naturally) and like your clothes, it will be something you will want to keep forever. You may even want to frame a couple of pages to put up on your wall - it’s that pretty!

The fanzine will set you back £15 plus postage and packaging. You can purchase the fanzine directly from the website. For Australian orders, Fashion Revolution are printing locally to help cut postage fees. The price may sound expensive, but the proceeds of this non-profit fanzine will go towards creating more inspiring and enlightening resources like this fanzine in the future and help to grow the Fashion Revolution movement. Plus, don’t forget it is 124 pages long, so more of a thick coffee table book than a zine!

You can also access a digital version of the magazine online here and can find out more about Fashion Revolution here Stalk them on social media @ fash_rev

All images from this article were taken from Fashion Revolution's website and Instagram

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